Wednesday, October 19, 2005

New Podcast featuring One More Thing

One week after the event...everyone saw the new iPod which have video playback capability. New iMac with FrontRow and Photobooth...and the new remote control with 6 buttons...iTunes 6 where you can buy videos from music videos to tv shows...

Well listen to this week's podcast at
where everything in the event are summed up together.

Show notes:

1) iMac
2) New ipod (video ipod)
3) Front Row
4) iTunes - videos
Hope you guys like it!

Psst. Sorry for not updating the site for this week...but i am too busy...Lol

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Finally, a New iPod Video

No need to say anything more...a New iPod..........

Check out the podcast tommorow on the one more thing fact it is loads of things

Rumour: New iPod revealed?

Photo of the new ipod?? Wider screen and some new functions.

New iPod released in an hour time? sent a new ipod advertisment (poster) which was found outside the San Jose theatre. An ipod with a wider screen and the headphone jack is on the right. It also looks bigger than the present ipods. Is it the video ipod?? mmm....

In an hour time....

Curtain rising in 3 hours...

Video Ipod? Pink Nano? New Mac? New powerbook? Apple buying over Microsoft? (no offence)

Expectations have been made. Hopes have been made. 3 more hours before one more thing is highlighted in San Jose. Will Apple produce something amazing or it will be just a tiny change to an old device...We shall see.....

Having language problems?

Having language problems? Need translating? Don't bother to get an expensive translator device?

Well, here is the solution. A website called features free translating service. It can translate for 10 languages, from Dutch to Chinese. Isn't it cool? Just select the language you want to translate (eg. Russian to English) and type/copy the text you don't understand. Press 'Free translation' and Done! You get the full text translated instantly!

However, this translation service is only 95% accurate. Sometimes there are some minor problems with the sentence structure. Beside that, the vocaburary might not be the exact one you're looking for. However, it does provides clear translation most of the times so you don't have to worry.

Now is the rating time...and i give this website 8/10

If you have a large amount of text to be translated 100% accurately, check out the human translation and it takes about a few days to be sent back to you.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Technology Revolution's first podcast is released!

Woohoo! Ever since this blog was created, i thought it needed a good podcast to go with it. Well, my dream had come true and the brand new podcast is released today!

You can download the mp3 file on (You got to wait for about 40 seconds on the website to download ) We will try our best to get our podcast up to iTunes as soon as possible.

This podcast is hosted by my friend, David Kahl and it is basically based on this blog. Every week, the podcast will pick out some articles in the blog and discuss about it. Beside that, he also adds some of his favourite news and reviews on the best gadgets in town.

This is our show note of the 1st podcast (10 mins 30 secs):

1) Apple special media event : Predictions and rumours
2) Ipod Video's possible competitor: Sony PSP
3) Buyer's guide on Psp
4) Apple's mighty mouse
5) Motorola ROKR phone
6) Program of the week: Itunes
7) Hardware of the week: Ipod Nano

As i said, this podcast is our very first one. We don't have any experience of podcasting at all so it might be abit not-so-perfect. However, we will try our best to improve and bring you the top news in the technology world! Well, hope you guys like this podcast and please leave comments for ideas of improvements we can make on the podcast.

psst: Apple Special Media Event is TOMORROW! One more thing.....Steve jobs, let it be something amazing please! =p

Monday, October 10, 2005

Why did Apple decide to introduce iPod Nano?

Have you ever wondered why Apple decided to introduce an iPod Nano? There must be a reason for Apple to produce something which is soo tiny and it is able to contain 1000 songs!

Well, I found the answer when i saw this advertisment.

Click this link to watch (takes 2 minute to load):

(BEWARE: You might laugh your head off... =p )

2 more Days to Apple Media Event

So excited...48 hours left to the One more thing...

Hope it will be a good one more thing...

(No idea of the media event, read the first article below)

PodUtil - Syncs your songs from your iPod to your PC/Mac

Looking at the forums at apple discussions, many people lost their songs on the computer (the hard drive crashed, the computer was stolen, etc.) and they were unable to dock their ipod back into their computer, otherwise the songs on the ipod will be gone. Well, this program is the solution. PodUtil is a free software ( which enables ipod users to sync all of their songs from the ipod back into the computer. Cool, isn't it? That means you can borrow your friend's ipod and sync all their songs to your computer. ( might be 'illegal' anyway...)

The speed of the transfer is really fast and it enables the users to choose the folder which it will contain the songs. (It will be real cool if they can sync the songs to iTunes straight away...)

The layout of the program is very neat and simple. You get the playlists on your ipod on the left. When you decide to choose which playlists, the songs on the playlists will appear on the right. Tick the boxes of the individual songs you want to sync or you can 'Shift + click on one box' to sync all of the songs. Then, click the 'copy' button below and DONE!

You will be able to download this program on

Hope this program will be useful to you and do leave any comments of the programs on the blog.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Apple Media Event on 12th October

Well, bet everyone has heard about the special media event held by Apple in San Jose. Invitations were sent to the media press with the word 'One More Thing...'.

So what is the One More Thing?

We shall wait and see on Wednesday. However, predictions and rumours had been made.

1) A Video Ipod - The new ipod which everyone has been waiting for. Will the dream come true? Although Steve Jobs said that apple do not plan to make a video ipod just yet. Will he change his mind? I hope so.

- This photo was claimed to be taken by someone who saw the 'real' ipod video. True?

A ipod based on another singer/band - Rumour saying that an new ipod based on another singer or band will be introduced on wednesday. Another rumour says that a pink ipod nano will be introduced which is based on Madonna. Anyone interested? lol

Last time, it was Ipod U2. Now it is time for Madonna. Good idea? ->

iPhone - This rumour is unlikely to be true. However, apple is never predictable. Will Apple produce a new iPhone to replace the ridiculous Motorola itunes phone? I will be happy to see that. =p

<- Iphone? I am sure apple will come up with a MUCH MUCH better design than Motorola's

A thinner ipod with Toshiba 80 gigabyte hardrive - Some websites predict that the new ipod will consist of the Toshiba 80 GB hardrive which allows the ipod to be several millimeters thinner. It sounds good to me...but isn't 80 GB too much?

New computer from Apple - Improved Macs or Powerbooks were predicted to be introduced on Wednesday. My friend thinks that a new Mac mini will be produced as he saw prices of the old mac mini dropping. Well, it sounds possible. Who knows?

New Mac Mini? Even Smaller? ->

iCamera - For myself, i think apple might introduce a camera because thats the product they are missing. Due to the pressence of the iSight, i think it will be good for apple to produce a brand new camera!